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RTG Plate Carrier w/ Bridger Cummerbund-Custom Build

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The RTG Plate Carrier is a modular system designed to adapt to the needs of the modern day warfighter. All components can be scaled up and down depending on the user's mission requirements. 

This bundle offers our new Bridger Cummerbund along with our RTG base for a combined discount.

Download RTG Plate Carrier Instructions-Click

Cummerbund Sizing Chart-Click


Choose your plate bag size based upon the SAPI or ESAPI  size plates you use. Sizing for our bags are as follows:

Medium Bags: Use if you run a 10X12, medium SAPI or medium ESAPI plate size: Bag Dimensions: 10.25” W X 12.5 H. Adjustable interior height.

Large Bags: Use if you run a large SAPI/ESAPI plate size: Bag Dimensions: 10.5” W X (12”-13.5") H. Adjustable interior height.

Both versions can allow for up to a 1” thickness for the plate. You can tight the bottom flaps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Call us with any questions or issues.

Base Features:

-1.75" wide laminate shoulder pad pair included. Shoulder pad allows for additional cable management as well.

- Built in admin pouch on the top of the front base bag

- Removable and adjustable PTT/cable management cord

- Fully adjustable chest rig straps. User can adjust the length of the straps to fit any chest rig or placard on the market. Compatible with G-Hook and standard buckle attachments.

- Laser Cut First Spear TUBES™ slits to insert a male TUBES™ repair buckle

-TUBES™ Shoulder Release Option: You can use Hook/Loop closure or install a TUBES™ shoulder buckle if needed ( buckle sold separately)

-Adjustable Shoulder Straps: You can slide the pads to a comfortable position. This part can also be used for additional cable management

- Laser Cut MOLLE channels on top of the front plate bag. Can hold pouches as well as a Juggernaut™/Kagwerks smartphone attachment

- Laser Cut MOLLE channels on the back base bag. Plenty of room to custom your loadout

- Spacious loop field on the bottom of the front bag to work with various Hook/Loop placards and front flaps

- Loop channels at the top of the front and back bag for patches


Bridger Cummerbund

The Bridger Cummerbund brings our patented Bridger technology (Patent # 10.314.355 B1) to a wider audience. You have the convenience of the quick release FirstSpear® Tubes™ without losing valuable MOLLE real estate.


Circumference varies depending on the size of the base you use: Full sizing chart here: Sizing Chart

Medium Cummerbund-Interior Circumference: 39"-47"

Large Cummerbund-Interior Circumference:42.5"-51"

For best sizing you must measure around your waist at the naval. You must allow extra length for side plates or inserts. Clothing must also factor into this.


- First Spear TUBES™ front attachment. Two male TUBES™ repair buckle provided with order.

-Works with any plate carrier with TUBES™ front attachment and hook/loop back attachment.

-Full laser cut MOLLE fields on the front of the cummerbund

-The inner lining has a durable loop material to attach ammo inserts and Raine side plate bags

-The cummerbund can be adjusted by overlapping the back hook tabs on the back bag loop field.