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Bridger Cummerbund Retrofit Set

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The Bridger Cummerbund brings our patented Bridger technology (Patent # 10.314.355 B1) to a wider audience. You have the convenience of the quick release FirstSpear® Tubes™ without losing valuable MOLLE real estate.

The retrofit set pairs the Bridger Cummerbund with two of the AXL Advanced Hook/Loop adapters to help attach the cummerbund onto any system that has hook/loop attachment capability on the front and back bags.


Circumference varies depending on the size of the base you use: Full sizing chart here: Sizing Chart

Medium Cummerbund-Interior Circumference: 39"-47"

Large Cummerbund-Interior Circumference: 42.5"-51"

For best sizing you must measure around your waist at the naval. You must allow extra length for side plates or inserts. Clothing must also factor into this.


-Comes with two AXL Advanced Hook/Loop Adapters

- First Spear TUBES™ front attachment. Two male TUBES™ repair buckle provided with order.

-Works with any plate carrier with TUBES™ front attachment and hook/loop back attachment.

-Full laser cut MOLLE fields on the front of the cummerbund

-The inner lining has a durable loop material to attach ammo inserts and Raine side plate bags

-The cummerbund can be adjusted by overlapping the back hook tabs on the back bag loop field.